The library is located in the Main Block. It is strategically placed for access from all departments. It spreads over a vast area of 802 sqm. The ground floor is the area to store the books and it contains the reading section. The first floor is exclusively allocated for digital section and reference section.
The College central Library is a vast storehouse of books with over 50275 volumes and more than 275 regularly subscribed journals. This includes foreign IEEE and ASME Online journals. More books are being added to the main Library every year. In addition, each department has a Departmental Library to cater to the needs of the students for textbooks and reference books.

Rules & Regulations

  • Library Timing is from 8.00 A.M. to 5.00 P.M.
  • Library Working days are from Monday to Saturday.
  • The Library is Primarily intended for the use by students and staff of this College.
  • All the students are expected to maintain silence while in the Library.
  • Personl belongings are not allowed inside stack room, reference section and digital Library.
  • Always consult the Library staff for number of books to be issued on library card. He/She will be responsible for the books borrowed on his/her card.
  • Books will be issued only on production of borrower card. Card is not transferable.Books will be issued only to cardholder and not through anybody else.
  • Students are not permitted to sit in library during their lecture and practical timing.
  • Books will be issued for 15days at first instance. If the same book is required for longer period the book has to be renewed before the due date of return.The book may then be reissue for another 15 days if there is no demand from other students for the same book.
  • A Fine of Rs.5/-Per day and Per Book will be charged on expiry of return date.
  • Current issues of Journals/Magazines will not be issued to students outside the Library.Back issues of certain Journals/Magazines may be issued.
  • Borrowers are requested to take every care of book & should not write anything on the book.
  • If during period of issues to a borrower any book is lost or damaged rendering it unserviceable, Library staff can recover from the borrower a sum equal to the cost of obtaining another copy of book.
  • In case of loss of Library card duplicate Library card can be issued but only once. Thereafter no guarantee of issuing another Library card.

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